10 Reasons Lead To Mango Worms Infestation

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mango worms infestation

Most of us love traveling across the globe, exploring new countries, places, animals and civilizations.
The exploring process won’t be limited to all these but it includes getting to know new diseases that you will never get in your country and flies that could cause you pain and your pet too.
The wildlife in Arica in particular that we are going to discuss in this article.

I bet there are lots of touristic places to visit in Africa, that pushes people to travel to it and cross oceans and deserts. Africa is not limited to monkeys and lions…etc. It is also a home for most of the dangerous flies in the world like “bot fly” that feast on the flesh of mammals, this includes us “humans”.

There are 10 facts about mango worm infestation:

1-the mango worm needs a host to incubate

Mango worms or tumbu fly take many hosts to incubate like cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, monkeys, and humans. But the most exposed mammal to this beast is dogs. The human host is not common and very rare they almost happen by accident if the patient walked barefoot.

2- rats infected with mango worms could lead to a serious problem in your house

I guess if you are a farm owner or in charge of the animal farm and got rats with this mango worm infestation going around, you will be in serious trouble that is got to be handled. Rats used to run around and spread diseases especially if you have animals in the same place. As we said before this mango worms could infect any mammal so it will infect your animals. But birds somehow are safe from the harm because there is no space for larvae to grow and feed on,

3- the secretions that are made from mango worms could be a trigger to bacterial infection

To keep yourself or your dog from a huge infection, once you get this mango worm off your skin or your dog’s skin use antibiotics and treat your wound with carefulness.

Because the secretions of mango worms have Bactria in it.

4- treatment is simple because you pop it as if it was a pimp

The larvae incubated under the skin after getting attached to it from the soil. Dogs or any animal who stays outside the house and are exposed to dirt and feces will definitely get infected with it because it is the perfect environment for the fly to lay its eggs.

The vets are treating the dogs by putting on Vaseline first to suffocate the larvae and prevent oxygen from it then pop it up as if you pop out a pimple, it will come out easily. The animal is sedated to fully control the process.

5- human eater is the name of mango worms if we translated its scientific name

If we could translate the scientific name of the mango worms which is “Cordylobia anthropophaga” it would be a human eater, some may think ironically about the name but yeah it could eat a man alive and could kill him if not treated immediately.


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6- mango worms could give humans 4 types of myiasis

Myiasis is extremely painful diseases and the worms usually infest different areas of the bodies, not the covered parts only for example we have Nasal myiasis, Aural myiasis, Cutaneous myiasis, and opthalmomyiasis.

All these could happen only in poor conditions and if personal hygiene is neglected.

7- mango worms original home is east and central areas of Africa and subtropics of Africa

It is found 135 years ago in Africa areas, especially in east and central parts. It is noticed in countries like Gambia, Senegal, and Kenya.

8-Catch the fly and you have no problem at all but that is if you can identify it

You can eliminate the problem an overcome it by killing the fly but some people find it hard to identify it unless they incubate the larvae and grow to know its features and how it looks like.

9- Dogs and rats are dangerously more affected with mango worms

Take in mind that dogs and rats are the perfect hosts for these beasts so always keep checking for rats and get rid of them, and be aware of your dog’s movements, where does it sleep because it will cut the chances of getting it.

10- The larvae may transfer to other areas if attached to clothes

If you happen to travel to Africa for business or sightseeing, you should be careful to where you put your clothes on, don’t let it touch the ground and don’t wear them unless you iron them first to kill the eggs if some are attached.

Finally taking precautions and reading could save you a great deal of pain. Be safe!


  1. hello,
    I have just finished read your article about infectious diseases prevalent in Africa and South America (mango worm) does it exist in Madagascar?

    1. hi Wayneexciz,

      I am not sure whether they have them in Madagascar – but it discovered in Senegal back in 1862.
      and now due to air travel or any form of travel the spread of the mango worms fly is now easier than before so you can expect it anywhere in the world.

      Hope this helps some…

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